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Jun 15th

Pop Up exhibition

Between Us

Five artists transform alleyways along Denver’s 16th Street Mall into site-specific, sculptural art installations.

Jun 28th

Pop Up exhibition

Tricia Nixon: Summer of 1973

Devon Dikeou’s exhibition Tricia Nixon: Summer of 1973 is latently uncanny, as the audience is confronted with an exhibition space that feels vacant, yet occupied—domestic, yet sterile. Dikeou’s practice is a conceptual and physical bricolage composed of a diverse range of materials that range from memories to functional devices. The works in the exhibition hold a ghost-like recollection of history, story, personal experience, and perceptions of American culture.

Aug 17th

Pop Up exhibition

Valley Boy

Valley Boy is a solo exhibition by Detroit-based artist Jon P. Geiger, and the artist’s Black Cube alumna project.

Aug 18th

Pop Up exhibition


Drive-In: House of Cars is the third exhibition in a series that employs vehicles as a basis for experimental contemporary art.