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Mar 9th

Pop Up exhibition

Unearthed: Desenterrado

Unearthed: Desenterrado is an outdoor, site-specific artwork by Texas-based artist Adriana Corral that speaks to the deeply rooted history between the United States and Mexico. Located within the historic grounds of the Rio Vista Farm in Socorro, Texas, the installation features a solitary 60-foot flagpole hoisting a large-scale white, cotton flag. Embroidered on either side of the flag is the illustration of a "Mexican" golden eagle and an "American" bald eagle, each emblematic of their respective nation's patriotism.

May 18th

Pop Up exhibition

Happy City: Art for the People

"Happy City: Art for the People" is a six-week, citywide art intervention with the purpose of breaking down personal, emotional, and social barriers, while nurturing individual and collective well-being.

Pop Up exhibition

Emotional Baggage Drop (hello stranger)

Emotional Baggage Drop (hello stranger) is an audience-led art installation by British artist Stuart Semple at Denver's Union Station.

Pop Up exhibition

Animated Screens

Four artists exhibit video-based artworks utilizing The Denver Theatre District’s outdoor, digital screens in downtown Denver.

Pop Up exhibition


Baker-Miller-Pink is a public installation featuring a triptych billboard outside of the Buell Theatre by Denver-based artist John Roemer.

Jun 8th

Pop Up exhibition

Soft Something

Soft Something is an immersive installation by Colorado Springs-based artist Matt Barton. at Understudy.

Jun 15th

Pop Up exhibition

Between Us

Five artists transform alleyways along Denver’s 16th Street Mall into site-specific, sculptural art installations.