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Black Cube is a tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All of our programming is free and open to all, which wouldn’t be possible without your generous support. Your contribution will go toward making our exhibitions and programs accessible to the widest possible audience, while supporting the sustainability of artists.

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Exhibition Fund

We are nomadic, which means our exhibitions have the ability to travel anywhere. Your gift allows us to bring art to communities near and far.

Artist Fellowship Fund

Your gift supports our artist fellows and alumni, giving them the opportunity to produce ambitious art projects for the public.

Program Fund

Your gift will help us invite leading curators, critics, and scholars of the contemporary art world to present engaging public lectures to gain a great understanding of the larger art world.

Annual Fund

Your gift contributes to our everyday functions, operational support, and everything in between – all of which make Black Cube a reality.

In-Kind Gifts

Ranging from site access for our pop up exhibitions to beverages for our public events, in-kind giving can take many forms. Contact us for more information.